Mahdi Ahmed

Scripting waves of imagination from the sunny side of the Maldives.


I think it was two or three years ago, I was at then FOOD GARDEN, now CHICOS. Is it CHICOS that place is now called? Anyways, it was one of the popular open air fast food outlets at the artificial beach at that time. It was around 1900 hours. I was sitting with DV PRODUCTION head, MOHAMED ABDULLA aka MUHAMMA and most sought after actress, NIUMA MOHAMED. We were all having coffee.

MUHAMMA wanted me to write a screenplay based on a story that was being narrated by NIUMA which was based on true events. After the story, I was feeling pale and found myself gasping for fresh air. The content of the story really sunk me deep down in to the ground. It was really sickening. I couldn’t even finish up the already turned cold coffee that was only sipped once.

MUHAMMA said he was considering NIUMA to direct it and she was physically willing to go through everything that was told in the story. She was even ready to shave her head to stay faithful to the true events about a young girl who was sexually abused by her father.

I told MUHAMMA that I needed all the information and everything they knew about this story written on paper.  We only agreed verbally.

Unfortunately that was the only meeting we had, which three years later, on 25th October 2010 was released as a film called NIUMA, considered a blockbuster before its release and currently showing on Olympus.

So what really went wrong with me not writing NIUMA? Actually, nothing. I would call it bad timing. After the preliminary meeting we had, if I could recall, I heard from MUHAMMA several weeks later to hand over the notes. Unfortunately, I was busy writing another screenplay. Since I was miles away from finishing, MUHAMMA decided to assign popular and always in demand, legendary storywriter, IBRAHIM WAHEED aka BIMMA. His decision couldn’t have been, simply perfect. Rest is history.

After watching NIUMA, I realized I couldn’t have topped the screenplay written by BIMMA. He has given a different perspective than the screenplay I first had in mind. If, mind you all readers, only if I had written it, my take would follow  MUA who tries to win NIUMA, unbeknown of her condition and her mentality.

The audience will get to reveal the skeleton in her closet through his eyes. And since NIUMA despises men strongly, MUA never gets to win her trust until the climax where she realizes that he indeed loves her truly, when he takes matters in to his own hand by killing her father. Love will indeed set you free… by any means.

I can almost see the frown on your face, dear readers. That’s why I’m going to stop this before you all consider me, whatever you want to consider me as.



  1. Ahmed Rasheed

    Mahdi, at the very last sentence, you are totally wrong. Your writing is very interesting to read, and we learn lot of things from your THOUGHTS. This is the very first time that I am commenting your THOUGHTS, but believe me, I am reading each and every word of your writing, sometimes I have to repeat some sentences to get the real meaning. Really your writings are a good source of documents A SECONDARY ENGLISH TEACHER CAN USE IN HIS CLASS FOR A CHANGE ATLEAST.

    • mahdiahmed

      Thanks for commenting and thanks for reading my blog, Ahmed. I hope that you continue to comment everything I write. Next time, will try to keep my sentences short, sweet and simple, for a change at least. Take care and will let you know when I publish my next post.

  2. salih

    There are two or three people I will work if I was an actor or a producer.One is this young gentle man known as Mahdi.He writes things from his way but he puts the others infront of it.The mas has proven his skills.What ever the name you called,I have faith in your screen plays.I bet.It will be different for sure.


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