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Today at UN Building, ONE DAY ON EARTH was screened. This little documentary received a warm reception from all the UN staff. The news made my day.

I have nothing more left to say except that I thank my loving wife and SANU from UNDP Maldives  for convincing me to take over the entire production. All the artistes from Dhivehi film industry who volunteered, thank you all so very much.

MUNNAVARU, thanks for convincing KANDI to lens.

KANDI, you did a remarkable job with the flipcam. Your creativity, I cherish.

SANU and her assistants, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you guys as a production manager and production assistants respectively any day if you all wish to change your careers in to film making. And yes SANU, you have what it takes to write a script. Now I’m jealous…

My wife, thanks for lending me your ever beautiful voice for narration. You were the only reason for me to helm this. I hope that you do continue to provide your voice for future projects, not just for UNDP but, (whispers) mine as well. Shhh, that’s a secret!

FATTHAH, you were so ready to help me when I needed it. Thanks and I might think of writing a screenplay for you, free of charge. Hang on, hang on… On second thought, how about for a special rate? I have more mouths to feed in future, if you know what I mean.

MUA, you were there with open arms and open doors, to your studio I mean,  when I panicked. I hope I didn’t sound like a cowboy from Brokeback Mountain. Thank you so much for all the help you rendered for the post-production. Awesome, man!

Wait a minute! Did I sound like I have given an acceptance speech after receiving an Oscar or something? See what happens when your day was made.

Thank you all and cheers!


  1. sanu

    Lovely acceptance speech indeed.
    UNDP Maldives is eternally thankful to you and your team for voluneteering in this production.
    We hope to work with you in the future (and yes, will take “the more mouths to feed” part into great consideration)


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