In my post of 29th July 2010, I have mentioned about writing an unofficial sequel to ORCHID EYNAAGE MAA (ORCHID, HER FLOWER) for MOHAMED RASHEED aka DHARAA RASHEED. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen turn of events in my life, events that have directly effected my thinking cap big time, I had to quit this project.

During my last long absence, I did inform this to RASHEED. We had a very professional chat over the phone and he understood my status very well.

I was extremely pleased when RASHEED revealed that his next choice to helm the writing duty was original ORCHID EYNAAGE MAA writer-director, HUSSAIN SHIHAB. I simply couldn’t think of anyone else penning it. SHIHAB will understand the original characters more than anyone else can and I was fortunate enough to discuss with him on my take of the unofficial sequel. He just loved it and I even had his blessings. But if he takes over, I am just curious to know how he will proceed. I have no doubts that his take will be more fascinating.

Even though I have left the project, I told RASHEED that I am always ready to give any help he needed. I really think that this unofficial sequel is going to be really cool. SHIHAB, RASHEED and I share the same idea of including a remix of ANGAADHEYSHEY (INFORM), a song which was made popular by RASHEED himself in the original TV movie.

All the best to RASHEED and I hope that he convinces SHIHAB to write.

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