You only know what a fool you have been until you have done something foolish. Well, that’s human nature and I guess no one is immune to that. Not even me.

Tonight, I was made to realize that in my last two posts, I have written a bit senselessly about SEEZAN. But honestly, at the time I wrote them, it never occurred to me that I was going way over the line.

A little while ago only when SEEZAN called, have I realized that what I had written should have been kept to myself. But then again, I repeat, I neither write any of my posts with a malicious intent nor write them to hurt anyone or SEEZAN for that matter. I simply write my thoughts. What else people write in a blog, I wonder? Anyway, I sincerely thank SEEZAN for being so understanding. Not many people are like that these days. Isn’t that very noble of him?

Though I have apologized him in person, I’m doing it again here in my blog. I only hope that the good association I have with him over the years hasn’t been affected severely. And if any damage was done, I wish that it will be reconciled over time very soon. Once again my sincere apologies to SEEZAN.

P.S. As a professional gesture, I have removed the contents from my last two posts which SEEZAN felt displeased.


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