INGILI preproduction status…

The production team of R2, DV Productions and NQP have started preproduction of INGILI. The design of the set needed for the film has been drawn accordingly to the visual demands of director, RAVI. And he has approved it. However, the snaps of the different locations we have recieved so far from 4 different island, have failed to meet visual dynamics of the screenplay. The production team have requested for more snaps from three other islands.
Hopefully, on early week of April, one member of our production team will be flying to N. VELIDHOO where he will do some scouting himself. If he finds the right location, arrangements will be made to built the sets including the water system to create rain.
Director RAVI and his DOP have started work on the storyboard. His DOP seems to be more excited than we are and have decided to cut his fees down to nil. But the producers have disagreed to his decision. When the storyboards are done, we’ll have a sitting to bring important amendments.
Will give more updates as they happen.

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