longest writer’s block

yes, i have hit the longest writer’s block of my whole writing career. it’s been more than a month i first started a new project for soon to be established VILLA TV. not sure of the name they are going to call their TV station. anyway,  it’s a write-you-can serial am writing for them where i have to decide how many episodes the serial will have. if i can finish it in 3 to 5 episodes, am going to call it a mini-series. thats what i thought, a few months ago.
i haven’t gone beyond the first episode even though the whole concept and the structure of the serial has been laid out. i just don’t feel like continuing. everytime i sit by my laptop to write, i feel exhausted and sleepy regardless of how good i have slept the previous night. now i have jumped out of the frying pan in to fire after i have set up an ADSL package at home. now instead of writing, i play scrabble or surf. just imagine how much surfing i can do inside the world wide web. what am i suppose to do?
when i started delaying writing the first episode, i knew something was not right. i knew the writer’s block was creeping in. i thought the spell would break away in few days. few days gone by. infact a month has passed by but to no avail the writer’s block hasn’t moved a bit. and the spell of not wanting to write has rooted deep inside my brain and there’s something more sinister going inside my head than i first assumed.
is there a virus inside my thick skull? there’s a pretty good chance of a virus infection. dig this. right after the first episode was over, my laptop was infected with some virus or a hijacker, i dunno and i had to format my whole system. ever since i feel very alienated towards my laptop. maybe, just maybe that some strand of that virus must have gotten in to my brain. it must have hijacked my thinking department. oh dear! do i need a die hard cop like john mclaine to rescue my thinking department? be it him or rambo or commando or terminator, i just need help as soon as possible.
sometime i think i can hear a voice inside my head calling, mahdi… we have a problem!

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