a quick recap

what happened to me, even i wondered. the last entry i made to the blog was on january. so it’s like a 5 months absence. i gotta be kidding me, i just whispered to myself. so let me quickly recap the events that took place since then.
HINITHUNVELAASHEY KALAA was abrubtly put to a halt with the 30th episode i think. am not really sure which episode was last shown. was it 30th or 31st? anyway, the next episode which was to be shown the following week introduces HASSAN MANIK aka KOYYA HASSAN MANIK. but before the airing date, KOYYA was entangled in a bounced cheque episode of his own and was arrested. it seems that TVM had a policy that says something like this, if any actors are arrested, whichever program they appear will be halted. thats not the exact clause but close to what it’s trying to say. and dig this. the arrested actor’s program will then be shown only after months depending on their crime. its seems that singapore has a similar law. TVM thinks we are singaporeans. for crying out loud, singaporeans eat pork and drink beer in public…
THIYA LOABEEGA… which was written for 13 episodes went beyond that mark on editing table and ended with bonus 2 episodes. the whole show was a disappointment in film making wise. it was executed too cheaply. what to do… no one loves the art of film making anymore…
did i mentioned about CIB: VATHAN previously? that’s a short made for seezan which will be produced under his own company C-Xanal Movies. take note of the company’s name once more… gottit? CIB: VATHAN is a loose sequel to CIB: MISSION 24. the project is still on pre-production stage.
also i wrote a sequel for DR. ROCKY. don’t wanna talk about it cos it’s a loose rip off of LAGE RAHO MUNNABHAI. the production went infront of the camera but was halted for reasons i don’t know.
i altered a previous screenplay adaptated to a hindi movie which i wrote few years ago for a now dissolved film company. they failed to pay me for my work, so i shelved the script until this year a veteran actor wanted me to write a 13 episode as soon as possible. i told him the best i could do was alter that screenplay in to a 13 episode serial. when he gave me the green light, i turned it in to a serial called NULIBUNAS. unfortunately for me, i didn’t hear from him afterwards. finally i called him up. he said he was still unsure whether he can start production. then i told him i was going to sell the script to someone else. with his blessings (thats what he could give me other than what he agreed to pay) now i have given that script to someone else. but that script have to be approved from TVM since the plot happened to be an adaptation. jeez! TVM is so keen on these details even though they show serials shot on handycam. do i have a problem with TVM? not that i know of… i haven’t heard from this latter someone regarding this issue.
i co-wrote with MOHAMED HILMY the feature film AHAREN which is supported by UNFPA and presented by NCA. this film is scheduled to be released on 28 of this month. a special screening was shown on 24th. at the end of the show everyone clapped. everyone liked the whole package. everyone were impressed with the solid performances turned in by NAKKO in the lead role, ASIM and ALI WAHEED in supporting roles. most of all they cheered the visual treatment given to the screenplay by my favorite MOHAMED SHAREEF. boy, he really executes my scripts spot on. now we are going to collaborate for another movie. more on this later…
well i guess that’s all for the time being.

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