episode 9 of KURAMEY VADHAA’EE SALAAM cracks!

am recieving all positive comments about episode 9 of KURAMEY VADHAA’EE SALAAM. great! just the thing i needed.
in episode nine, ZUHURAA is secretly meeting JIMMY who has returned to MALE’. at the same time, ZUHURA is seeing all good qualities in MANIK to whom she’s forced to marry. JIMMY has developed a strong jealousy towards ZUHURAA and MANIK upon seeing them laughing while having dinner in an open air restaurant.
also, the grudge between ZUHURAA and MANIK’s sister played by HAJJA is revealed. more comic scenes exchanged between HAJJA and SAEED. and the episode finishes with a blast when MANIK calls ZUHURA while she walks up to her secret lover at artificial beach.
the only two negative comments i recieved was this serial being too hindi. wait, i think i have heard this comment before. anyways, the second comment being, well this is actually not a comment but a distaste the person who commented has for MANIK. this person doesn’t like MANIK at all. was that my fault? or call this bad casting? 

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