episode 8 of KURAMEY VADHAA’EE SALAAM was aired on TVM last night. the plot thickens with ZUHURA forced to marry MANIK whom she doesn’t love. ZUHURA has fabricated an illness that will keep MANIK away from her, in sexual terms i mean, ahem! obviously JIMMY is shattered over ZUHURA’s marriage. But upon hearing ZUHURA’s fabrication, the episode ends when JIMMY returns to MALE’. his motives will be revealed in the coming episodes.
i haven’t recieved much comments to this episode at the time of publishing this article. but some people found the first night scene between ZUHURA and MANIK humorous. also some didn’t like the extent of JIMMY crying on a beach when ZUHURA marries. tells me that was a bit too much. but hey, everyone reacts differently. that was how JIMMY reacted.  

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