emergency return

director Fatthaah has cut short his shooting in Ha. Kelai and returned Male’ on an emergency. his 1 year old son has been admitted to hospital after burns (to what extent i don’t know) from a hot water thermous cracked on to his chest. his son’s condition is severe.
Fatthaah is scheduled to fly back to Ha. Kelai on coming Thursday, that is if his son is discharged from the hospital. Fatthaah will go back to Ha. Kelai with an actor who will be appearing for episodes 30 and onwards.
Fatthaah has also thought of sending back another high profile director to shoot in his absence. he has made talks with two directors and is awaiting their confirmation. but i have suggested him not to send any since only he can follow the characters and the plot line of the script. let’s see what he is going to do…

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