Yesterday, I wrapped up writing web series, Girlfriends, of 12 episodes. I regard this as one of the memorable works of my screenwriting career. From the first pitch meeting with series creator, Munko to the character build-up sessions with the entire cast, I was utterly drawn and immersed for its simple yet emotionally charged concept.

Girlfriends is about the trials and tribulations of three twenty-something girls sharing one room struggling to fulfill their dreams while making ends meet amidst the chaotic city life of Male’. However, this may not be the first series I have written where the entire series revolves around women.

Hinithunvelaashey Kalaa, with fifty-two episodes that was aired on TVM eons ago, explored the lives of two best friend girls living on the island of Kelai. While writing Girlfriends, I felt the same intensity and compassion I had for Hinithunvelaashey Kalaa, but a notch above, given that I had to deal with not just two but an array of women characters. And they are tossed into today’s society which has changed considerably and is fierce and harsh.

A thank you is not enough for Munko, and executive producer, Saaji for trusting in me with writing this series to all my heart’s desire. I hope I have delivered to their satisfaction. If only the streamer gave some analytics after premiering each episode. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have bugged them every now and then for feedback.

My gratitude to the entire cast, especially the four central characters, for their stunning performances. Zila, Shamla, Hawwa, and Firushan, acted by Ayecha, Myeha, Lahfa, and Sharif, respectively, are mesmerizing. They are a treat to watch.

Even the actors in the supporting roles were fabulous. Shout out to Maria, Alam, Axam, Afrah, and the rest of the cast. They all stand out.

Shahyd Legacy was the beat of the entire series. His composition touched every string of my heart.

Sami has given this series a striking visual with his lensing, an infectious color with his color grading, and his editing is well-paced. I wonder if there is anything that he can’t do technically?

I bow to director Kandi Wisan for his assured direction and give this series a completely different visual flair with dramatic undertones. He has squeezed the very best out of every actor. A job well done.

Girlfriends have etched deeply in my heart. I already miss writing about them. A few months back, I was making their lives happy, fun, sad, miserable and at times putting them in grave danger. Sometimes I felt a lump in my throat to throw any of them into such emotional turbulence. I felt that none of them deserved such treatment.

Maybe it’s for the well-being of the entire cast and crew that this series has come to an end. The team needs a rest away from a person who never stops making their lives volatile, on screen, I mean. Until season 2, I remain.

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