First and foremost, my heartfelt gratitude to the proud parents of this inspiring handsome boy, Adam Aloof Ahmed for giving me the consent to post this picture. I thank Ahmed Riyax for helping me.


Adam Aloof Ahmed

I couldn’t resist posting this priceless picture and tell everyone about this boy who stood out as motivation and everything positive in life. His uplifting energy was felt by everyone who was at the Swimming Track today. He made everyone’s day today.

My heart overflows with happiness to have taken his picture and witness inspiration, bravery, positivity in person. He also made history by participating in the 2nd Kids Swimming Festival 2017 events of under six boys 25m and 50m Flutter Kick. It’s a first in any swimming event in the Maldives.

This evening, he won a standing ovation from everyone from his start until he finished both events. I thank them for the unity and support that they have shown at a time when this nation needs many more of such moments.

I couldn’t continue writing this post without first saluting Aloof’s swimming coach Ahmed Zunaij and his New Lagoon Swimming Club for training him not only physically but mentally by giving him the inner strength to stand up on that platform today. And also the individual attention and care they have given to him.

Superman may be the most powerful thing that this world has seen. But sadly, he is faster than a speeding bullet or more powerful than a locomotive or able to leap tall buildings in a single bound only in comic books. But in real life, I am so blessed to have met a true hero in flesh and blood. The accomplishment by this remarkable boy reminded me of a quote by British actress, model, dancer and humanitarian, late Audrey Hepburn (1929-1993). Nothing is impossible. The word itself says ‘I’m possible’!

Finally, I thank the Swimming Association of Maldives for the memorable experience they have given to Aloof and all of us. It’s unforgettable.


4 Responses to “ALOOF, MY HERO”

  1. Hassan

    Congratulations Aloof. I have read twice the article and wondering what the awsome boy did differently than other champions. It would have been better if a little background of Aloof is given so that reader like me would be able to understand the uniquess of this boy.

  2. Ahmed Irfan

    Thank you Mahdi Ahmed Ahmed Zunaij New Lagoon Swimming Club Ismail Farey Swimming Association of Maldives spacial thanks to Madrasathul Ameer Ahmed Preschool Principle Management teachers & Parents of JKG A 2017 & N2-C 2016


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