Okay, I have done revising LEYKARUNAIN (TEARS IN BLOOD) for now until director FATTHAAH has a read and confirms that the screenplay doesn’t need further revising. Like I said in my last post, it’s not a rewrite but a simple revision to necessary scenes, its arrangement and the dialogues. FATTHAAH won’t even realize that I have done anything at all.

I had to revise a total of five major scenes including the climax. Like I said before, these revisions added more power to the development of characters, gave more depth to the relationship between concerned characters and the flow of the whole screenplay was made more smooth.

Even from the first write, I was worried about the climax. It doesn’t rely on a surprise twist ending that I always try to have in my screenplays. LEYKARUNAIN has a more thinking person’s ending where the climax relies on an intellectual chat between two characters I don’t intend to reveal here in case I might accidentally spoil the storyline and face a lawsuit from the producers.

Anyways, I did tweak the climax here and there and now I feel the ending is better and more comprehensive. But I have, I should say readjusted the ending so that if FATHHAAH finds the ending anticlimactic, he can easily re-edit the same ending in a more linear fashion to what I have written in the first write. Yes, I have played everything safe.

Last night, FATTHAAH reported that, someone very close to him has read the first write and concluded the screenplay moving and very touching. Of course, I am delighted. I told him that it’s all up to him now to make this screenplay visually moving and touching. He smiled confidently.


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