The crashed computer system at KID PRODUCTION studio where SAZAA (PUNISHMENT) is being edited has been restored a little while ago, with a little help from me. Well, I’m no whizkid but somehow I managed to fix it. I haven’t a clue how I did it but I just did it. Period.

After the system was restored, I watched the new parts Semi has edited and they look simply fabulous. Semi is back at editing where he left off when the system was crashed. The man is happy and so am I.

Before I left the studio, I asked Semi to show me the bittersweet scene he edited the other day which has turned out to be my favorite scene. But this time I asked Semi to add a melancholy music track, which I have been keeping in my pendrive that I have been listening to when I began writing this unfinished screenplay that was halted after the first act many years ago. The music track fits to this particular scene like a glove. It’s awesome, bittersweet and endearing. Best of all this scene never had any dialogues yet I could feel the deep love between the two leads. Simply magical.

Semi and I have negotiated with SAZAA director Hussain Munavvar to start production on a new film. He can get hold of a story written by any popular story writers around. Then he can leave the rest for me. And once he completes principal photography, Semi can take over post-production. Munavvar said he will think about it.

On MIKOE BAPPA BAEY BAEY (COME MY BABY’S FATHER), I am ready to begin writing. Hopefully tomorrow, I will start clattering my keyboard. Stay tuned…

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