In my previous two posts, I have made a typing mistake. Thanks to screenwriter Ahmed Rasheed for bringing it to my attention. I typed the title of his screenplay as MIKOE BAPPA AADHEY AADHEY. However, it should read as MIKOE BAPPA BAEY BAEY which also means COME MY BABY’S FATHER. In case you all didn’t know, the title is actually a lullaby.

As for an update on rewriting this screenplay, I am almost done with the re-structuring. Writing will begin soon. I’m estimating to wrap up the final screenplay within a week.

Meanwhile, we have also started on production logistics. Last night, we asked screenwriter Ahmed Rasheed to contact the house owner of the house he suggested that we should set the production. Ahmed was prompt at helping us. Now the ball is in our court. Ahmed said the house owner wants us to call to hold discussion on the production details. Sometime last night, Ravi should have called the house owner. I will update once I hear from Ravi.

Still staying with this project, Ravi has come up with this idea of including an end credits song for the film in the vein of the song we have included in INGILI. But MIKOE BAPPA BAEY BAEY will have a completely different take. More on this later…

I have wrapped up subtitling JINNI and it’s been handed over to Fatthaah. I felt that this film had an anti-climax considering the horniness the she-jinn were brewing ever since she saw Seezan, the protagonist as a toddler. Looks like djinns too have pedophiles amongst them. And unfortunately, it was hilarious to see when she-jinn finally blows, ahem, all this blood gets splattered. I always thought djinns were made out of fire. Probably not horny djinns…

Editing of SAZAA (PUNISHMENT) is going swiftly. Hopefully tonight, I will get to see the new parts Semi has edited.

I have been really warming up on the proposition made by Youppe. I’m thinking of closing that deal with him by restarting my already structured screenplay, 40 (FOURTY). But it might not be the final decision. I’m still warming up a little bit more. All I know is that I will say yes, but with which screenplay is the question.

And on a final note, today I started office at a new location. Instantly, my brain went to a coma. It’s still sleeping.

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