what, a song in INGILI?

It’s not just any song that the production team has decided to include at the end credits of INGLI. This evening, we had a special meeting after the usual meeting we have with TED, our production consultant. It was yet again over coffee with, no, not with Karan, but with a heavy metal band who’s at times very controversial and has taken the Maldivian youth by storm. At this point, I’m not allowed to reveal the name of the band for several reasons which I cannot write for several other reasons. Oh man, this is so hard not to disclose the band’s name. I wish I’m permitted to give a hint, at least.

The band consisted of their famous leader, their drummer and their guitarist. From the production team’s side, director/ producer RAVI, producer/ actor, the other actor who is overseeing the construction of the set, our DP and then there was me. Guess I too should give myself a  cool slashed designation. I’m producer slash screenwriter then.

The band was delighted with our proposal to include their song for the end credits of INGILI. We gave a brief verbal presentation of INGILI storyline and they felt, it was nothing short of being extra-ordinary. The entire production team of INGILI was flattered. I’m sure our grins would put a Cheshire cat to shame.

Apart from composing a song for INGILI, the band was willing to offer any help they can give to the production of the film. INGILI will make history in Dhivehi film making, if no other Dhivehi film releases before INGILI with an inclusion of an exclusive heavy metal song.

I’m asked to prepare a small summary of INGILI so that the band can start work on the lyrics immediately. However, at the moment they are busy with several shows. After mid-May, they are going to be free and have planned working on the entire music composition of the song to be included in INGILI.

In the meantime, the production team of INGILI and the band will be signing an understanding over the rights of the song. More news on that, as it happens. In short, it was one of the memorable meetings out of memorable meetings the production team of INGILI have almost everyday over coffee with, no, not with Karan, once again…

One Response to “what, a song in INGILI?”

  1. Chubby

    I understand you are at Gulhi right now. Would be great if you could upload some pics of your production site from there.


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