INGILI set green lit…

Late this evening, production team of INGILI has green lit the construction of INGILI set to the quotation given by the crew at K. GULHI. They have been waiting for our confirmation. We have scheduled three days for the set construction. As planned, once the set is constructed our team will travel to K. GULHI for an inspection. Shooting begins after that. We are pushing principal photography for an April 30th start.

Budgeting of INGILI is ongoing fast. We have divided the budgeting in to three parts. Our actor, who had connection with K. GULHI  is liaising with the crew there working out the budgeting of the construction of INGILI set which has been marked completed. He will also work on the rates for accommodation, food and other important tasks that will be carried out in K. GULHI.

Our production manager is on props and every other task required for the whole production.

Meanwhile, our DP is budgeting and at the same time scheduling the 5 nights shooting in K. GULHI.

Hopefully, with in a day or two, budget for all three parts will be completed. Then the production team will sit down to finalize the budget. After that, the three producers will hook up to obtain finance for the finalized budget.

The team is very excited that we are getting closer and closer to the production. Just can’t wait for  principal photography to be started.

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