At last, TVM has started showing HINITHUNVELAASHEY KALAA… which recieved an overwhelming popularity status before it was abruptly halted when one of the actors in it who was to appear in the following week’s episode was arrested for a bounced cheque. That’s TVM red tape which I have explained in one of my previous blog entries. So needless to repeat again and besides, no one likes it.
Eight months have passed since then. This week TVM restared the serial, not from the episode where it was stopped, but from the beginning. Yes! from the very first episode. No frets about that since in a way its good so that the audience will get a recap from the beginning. So I wouldn’t call it a re-run.
The audience probably must have forgotten everything about INA and FAZU and their journey through life and the different twists their lives took. The audience might have even forgotten about INA being tomboyish at the beginning and her gradual transformation upon meeting ADEEL. Hold it! Do I need to recap myself as well?
TVM have scheduled 3 episodes per week to catch up to the last episode that was shown. Was it episode 32 that was last shown? [Mahdi scratches his head]
To watch the whole serial once again from episode one… feels timeless. The underlying themes in the dialog sounds potent. And the humor in them still intact. Hold it again! What am I doing? Praising what I have written. [Mahdi’s cheeks have gone red]
I still have 9 more episodes to write. The last 12 episodes have not been shot yet and the three unshot scripts needs several changes as most of the characters have gone through several physical changes. Only after I sit down with serial director ABDUL FATHHAH, will I know if these amendments are going to be either a minor or a major headache. Only time will tell. Right now I have a new screenplay to wrap up before end of this month. Oh my! Speaking of which, I haven’t even started writing yet. Probably it’s because of the subject and the storyline. Or am I having another WRITER’S BLOCK. Hope not, if you ask me.

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