The fifth and final episode of AHARENGE LHA DADDYY was shown last night. And it ended with a bang. Had a twisted ending to it. Unfortunately, this serial has ended when all the actors started to look comfortable and had a firm grip on their roles. Fauziyya stands out from the crowd. She was as usual at her funny best. So was Afeef as the titular character. And yes, so was the rest of the cast. JIMMY appears at the end to sum up all the events. The opening scene makes fun on HINDI influence in our society. In case you didn’t know, Neena and Fauziyya singing YEH DOSTI was my way of paying homage to my all time favorite Hindi film SHOLAY.
THUTTHU SAEED and AFEE made guest appearances as themselves. The punch line in THUTTHU SAEED’s scene is kind of scary!
Originally this was an exclusive 5 episodes serial made for TVM for the Ramadan season. But serial director FATTHAAH is already in talks of extending this show. If that happens, consider the already shown 5 episodes as pilots.
This serial has gained popularity among young and old alike. Everyone were kind of entertained… in a silly way. So was I… especially during the writing. I wouldn’t refuse to write another comedy. After all variety is the spice of life…

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