Aharenge Lha Daddy 4

I’m receiving all positive comments for the fourth episode of Aharenge Lha Daddyy. This has tickled everyone’s funny bones from start to finish. They find the last installment very humorous, sending up on current events that have taken place recently and also touching several timely issues prevailing in our society today.

All the actors look comfortable in their characters and most importantly they seem to fully understand their lines. Fauziyya surprisingly gives a wonderfully comic performance that she looks totally different from what she has done in her entire film career. Hassan Afeef as the titular character has perfect comic timing. Three cheers to Neena as the jilted wife. Her delivery in the opening scene is a hoot. But she could have worked a little bit more on her out of pitch singing. Hajja is funny as well especially her head-banging scene to a heavy metal song on TV. Appu and Zeenat are also funny in a romantic way. Jimmy doesn’t get to show off in this episode as he did in the previous three episodes. In this one, he has only two scenes leaving for the ladies and Afeef to take over the proceedings.

Oh my, I sound fond of this episode, don’t I? Aren’t there any weak spots in this episode? Yes there are. Luckily, they are few and far between. The pace of the episode and the humor over shadows the weaker spots. I didn’t like the shot arrangements of the office scene of Afeef where he sits by the laptop. The screen of the laptop gets revealed before Neena comments on what Afeef was viewing and the punch line gets lost.

Anyway, I hope the final episode ends with the same gusto. Let’s hope Fatthaah succeeds in translating what I written to screen successfully. If not, I am going to be hesitant at writing another comedy, ever again!

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