heartbreaking 19

episode 19 of HINITHUNVELAASHEY KALAA… was shown last night. this episode turned a tad dark and heatbreaking compared to the previous episodes which was full of humor and one liners. episode 19 mostly focuses on JIMMY and HAJJA, how much their love grows and in the meantime HAJJA becomes fully pregnant.
things go well until HAJJA is admitted to deliver. tragedy strikes. the scenes of her delivery intercuts with JIMMY dying. the first breaker comes when HAJJA delivers a baby boy and JIMMY dies. what happens next is hard to endure as AFEE and FAUZIYYA try to give the news to HAJJA who’s unbeknownst of JIMMY’s death. her father remains speechless.
HAJJA gives a superb performance so does everyone else dealing with the news of death of JIMMY and accepting his death. i must admit that this serial has taken a twist in its theme. so take caution. there are more to come. but no telling… 

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