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ABDUL FATTHAAH’s eagerly awaited VAA LOABI ENGEYNAMA… was released last night after a small function where principal cast, producer and director appeared on the stage, each carrying a red rose. MINISTER OF STATE FOR THE ARTS cut the ribbon. He was presented with a bouquet though. Later all the roses but the bouquet were thrown at the cheering audience. Most tried to claim the rose thrown by superstar YOOSUF SHAFEEU. But whoever got that rose isn’t going to get married soon… it was a film releasing function, not a wedding for crying out loud. Maybe the bouquet would have worked.
Anyways, the first half of the film before the intermission went smoothly. The audience responding to most of the jokes delivered. yeah, it had some funny lines. But the path I was hoping the audience would respond most went unnoticed. The first half kick-started slowly, but the audience was jolted to the movie throughout. How did I know? Simple. They were dead silent. That’s a sign of them concentrating heavily. Or were they sleeping? Now that’s a bad sign.
However, after the intermission tragedy struck, Vaa LOABI ENGEYNAMA… also faced the dreaded opening night technical error curse majority of Dhivehi movies face. This happened probably because the entire audience in their subconscious mind had the thought that something should go wrong. And it did. The screening DVD got stuck. It was a total embarrassment…
The audience had to wait about 45 minutes before the film started running again. Surprisingly, they waited patiently despite some jeering. But it was the right decision from them that they stayed. The film ended on the same entertaining note as it began. But the last hour of the movie turned all melodramatic. A taste most of the Maldivian audience expect from a Dhivehi movie. So they had funny lines to laugh coupled with scenes that shed a tear or two from their eyes.
When end credits rolled some from the audience even cheered and clapped. They sound as if they didn’t care about the running time or technical error curses as long as they were able to watch a good movie. So overall, the audience considered this a good movie. But that will be decided how VAA LOABI ENGEYNAMA… fares at the box office. If only I would know…

2 Responses to “VAA LOABI ENGEYNAMA released…”

  1. Aminath

    Its been a while. Have to admit that this is one of the best Dhivehi film I\’ve seen so far. However, your Hinithun velaashey Kala tops  all Dhivehi dramas, movies I\’ve seen. Back on to VAA LOABI ENGEYNAMA, my first credit goes to the Actors, I should say that Afee has done a wonderful job. She is a natural. And for a first timer, Faree did a brilliant job. And Youpe I think he was Okay, well not his best performance. Maybe he\’s not so good around his wife after all???.The Direction was good and the song were wonderful, especially the theme song..Last but not the least a good film is all about the screenplay and dialogues which was excellent. I saw the audience reacting to almost all of the jokes. The way the story was presented kept the audience rooted to the seat even with 45 minutes of delay of technical drawbacks.
    I aslo notice how the audeince reacted when Youpe found out about his daughter!!!! It clearly indicated that they didnot have a clue.The ending though sad was moving.. Over all, I believe it to be a Super Hit and expect better and more movies in the Future….
    more later…
    keep writing..keep us waiting for more…:D

  2. Naaheed

    I watched this film some time ago… And I must admit that this is one of the best film made in the history of Maldivian cinema along with Yusuf and Kalaaya Nulaa… PERIOD. Below are the reasons WHY…1. The performances were flawless…! Especially the leading characters…!! Simply brilliant…2. The story: A very simple story, but yet the writer did a wonderful job by keeping our audiences in mind. And yes.. At many instances the story was predictable… So what…? It had all the magic to watch this film at one go, which is a rare thing, as far as I am concerned… 3. The songs were catchy, especially the title song…! For the choreography, picturaisation and costumes I must give a thumb up..! Yeaa… I could just watch it over and over again… ;)4. The humor incorporated in the film was good, and I wish there were more dialogues, rather than the emotional scenes …5. I shouldnt say that the direction wasn\’t strickly okay, but it was a thoughtful work from a creative director considering the existing directors in Maldives… I have to repeat this and applaud the director for handling the script so confidently…  And oh yeaa I always regard that the direction is the major thing which states if a film is good or not… Regards…


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