editing begins

editing of HINITHUNVELAASHEY KALAA began three days ago and have so far edited the rough cut of the first three episodes. i must say that those episodes have lived up to my expectation and even more with regards to the locations. Ha. Kelai absolutely looks breathtaking and director Fatthaah has used the location to the maximum. as for the performances, i was nervouse about the character played by Hajja. surprisingly, she has nailed her role completely! she will be praised for her cast-against-type role. kudos also go to the girl who played young Hajja. she is a stunner!
the spine of the story is the friendship between Hajja and Afee. both gives an admirable performance and their friendship is clearly visible from their acting. so does in the flashback scenes of them in their childhood. totally awesome! 
this serial is scheduled to start on July 26th. the trailer will be aired soon, hopefully.

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