rewriting meetings

the first meeting to rewrite popular writer IBRAHIM WAHEED BINMAA’s script was held yesterday at 1530 hours at Synthiyana Restaurant. i joined with head of B/W Productions creative department MOHAMED SHAREEF and the script writer IBRAHIM WAHEED himself. SHAREEF and i discussed on changes that can be brought to the script to make it more darker since the theme of the plot was about a man’s decadence.
IBRAHIM WAHEED agreed to our points and said that he would make the discussed changes as soon as possible. he will create a new first act that will strengthen act two and three. furthermore, an additional change to the final scene will also be made creating more empathy towards the protagonist regardless of his character being an anti-hero.
the meeting went till 1730 and personally it was an honor for me to sit with IBRAHIM WAHEED. we will have another sitting once he makes the necessary changes. looking forward to that meeting as well. 

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