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When director Abdul Fatthaah appointed promising musician, Misty to compose music for his upcoming film, Hahdhu, I was unable to relate the quality of Misty’s music for any other film he has done music for except the very recently released Ill Noise, his first work for a feature film. Even that film happened to be a genre completely different from the melodramatic genre of Hahdhu. However, I was well aware of his creative ability. So I was eagerly and very anxiously awaiting to see his composition.


A little while ago, I had the most fulfilling experience of my life when I watched the key scenes of Hahdhu with the music that Misty composed. His work has surpassed all my expectation by taking them to a level that I had never imagined. It was music not only to my ears but to my mind, my heart, and my soul as well. I have no words to express how good it was. Even the word brilliant wouldn’t suffice.

Misty’s music to the opening scene was stirring, while a key dramatic scene of Fauziyya wrenched my heart altogether. Another key scene of Dhon Ayya, drowned my mind and senses into the exact state his character was in. Meanwhile, his composition to the turning point of Shiban has given the full meaning to his character arc. It was so enriching.

But it was this most pivotal scene in the film that I have been looking forward to for so long that Misty easily knocked the ball out of the park. It was not only poignant but unnerving as well. It left me with a dry mouth, a lump in my throat, and my heart was pierced from all sides, I don’t know how many times. When that scene was over, I was feeling cold, teary and scared even. It’s also very haunting that that scene is still playing in my mind. I am so certain that this scene will leave the audience with their spines chilled.

I can’t wait to see the complete film with his outstanding music. When something has captivated and mesmerized me in ways that I have never expected or imagined, it’s a good reason to be impatient. So, I just can’t wait to see the completed mesmerizing music of Misty which is beyond magical. Well done, Misty.

Hahdhu will be premiered on 06 September 2017. Tickets are available from Olympus.