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My dearest love,

I feel blessed and thrilled to be celebrating another memorable year of your life.

Regardless of what age you have turned, your inner and outer self remain intact. But every now and then, you are anxious about your eyesight, your skin and your wrinkles. On second thought, who isn’t? But worry not. ISA, you are beautiful, loving, tender, caring and intelligent. By the way, those are just a few of your traits. If I must list all of them, I might run out of space here and end up with blisters on my fingertips. And yes, you will always be my Jessica. Purr!

Simply put, I couldn’t be prouder to be your husband. There is no greater happiness for me in this world than to have you in my life. And then there is Kokko. Together, you both complete me.

I have lived all the beautiful moments of my life with you. Our courtship, getting trapped in a room, us getting married, the day you conceived, your entire pregnancy, your delivery, parenting Kokko, your graduation and the exhausting adventure we had finding your phone some three days ago is some of the best memories that will remain engraved in my heart forever. Even all the problems, difficulties and tragedies we faced from the tsunami to your depression when you were unjustly fired and to my botched-up colonoscopy have helped us to be better and stronger. And most importantly, we value each other with the utmost care and respect.

We were utterly clueless of our destiny even though all your life you frequented to my house, and we crossed our path million times. But look at us today, it seems as if fate was written for us. I am confident with all my heart that ISA our love will last, and we will be together forever. You and Kokko are in my prayers every day.

Kokko fills our hearts with joy and happiness. He is more like you possessing your sense of humour and sincerity. But I am happy if he has my adorable cheeks. I also feel contented seeing that you are such a wonderful mother who takes good care of him and continues to do so day in, day out. You provide him with your undying love, affection and heart.

Thank you very much for making me who I am today. Thank you for sprucing me up. Your love, caring, and affection keep inspiring me.

Thank you for helping me when I am not in my best of moods. Your wittiness never fails to leave me in stitches, especially when you dance an Oryantal or the Bharatanatyam. I am already cracking up. Thank you for making me see how beautiful our life is.

I am glad you have this newfound admiration for the diarist, late AH. May his soul rest in peace. Even I have been reading some of his excerpts secretly and find his writing very inspirational and amusing. Thank you for obtaining almost all his digests.

We still love riding over the bridge even though we feel our heads falling off from our shoulders at the end of our spin. Yes, the helmets have robbed the maximum experience we previously enjoyed. But we keep communicating to and from HulhuMale’ like astronauts on a motorbike.

We’ve been quite the opposite of what we do. You love all the contemporary music while I am still in the 80s. When you watch an exciting movie, I am catching a few zees. While you are funny and open-minded, I am closed and an introvert. But we are low on tension and more on the fun. Now I wholeheartedly believe in the saying that opposite does attract.

It’s inevitable that with time, we will grow old and wrinkly. But all that is trivial to me. What really matters is that we are together and with you today is better than yesterday. I wish and pray that our love keeps getting stronger with each passing day. I give you my unconditional love and the rest of my life and eternity with you.

Happy birthday, my love.