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When producer/ director, Mohamed Aboobakuru aka Maaenboo asked me to write Neydhen Vakivaakah, I repeatedly requested him that he should take it as a challenge to make it better than all the movies he has done so far. After watching the premiere of the film last night, I am impressed and happy to see that he has risen to the occasion by delivering a pleasantly well-balanced film that the audience thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. This is his best work to this date by many miles.

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Few minutes into the film, I knew the audience was hooked. They had a whale of time reacting to the jokes, the unexpected twists and turns that were unconventional for a romantic drama including some red herrings thrown here and there. Above all the performances by the entire cast kept the audience fully engaged. My wife, my strictest critique from whose feedback I always consider if a film I have written has hit the bullseye, rated it as one of the most delightful screenplays I have written so far. Phew!

As usual, the heavyweight actors, Yoosuf Shafeeu, Fathimath Azeesha, Ahmed Saeed and Arifa Ibrahim were a real treat to watch. The role played by Yoosuf Shafeeu reminded me of his National Award-winning role from Vehey Vaarey Therein but with more contrast, control and maturity.

Fathimath Azeesha played the sympathetic girl next door who has shut herself from any romantic involvement because of a tragic past. She kept her acting believable and straightforward as her character comes out of the shell, goes back in, comes out again only to find that she has much bigger sufferings to confront.

There’s nothing more to be said of Ahmed Saeed. In this film, he once again turned in a memorable performance. This actor can play any given role he is offered with his eyes closed. He has proven how versatile he is by playing completely different characters in three of his films that were released this year.

But it was fashion designer/ choreographer, Jaadhulla Ismail in his first role in a film that surprised everyone. He was very likeable and showed great depth in his acting. He was funny in the first half with his comic timing spot on. He then showed unbelievable restraint in the second half by relying entirely on his acting as he had barely any dialogues to deliver. He understood his character well and was aware of his character arc. I hope he continues to appear in many more films.

Shoutout also goes to Ahmed Azmeel and Naashidha. Their roles were small, but they were essential to the narrative.

I congratulate the entire team for a job well done. Keep up the good work in entertaining the audience.




We are either classified as carnivores or herbivores or a bit of both. The first classification is us eating meat and the second is us eating plants or herbs or shrubs or need I to continue? Anyway, what if someone chews up the scenery? What are they called? I don’t have a word for them but I sure do know when someone does.

The upcoming Dhivehi film Hahdhu has completed shooting all the scenes of veteran actor Arifa Ibrahim.  Yesterday, I had the opportunity to see a rough edit of all of her scenes. And believe you me, what a treat it was.

When you cast veteran actors in supporting roles and put them in the mix of three youthful leading actors, they create an impact that is like a volcano that’s bursting already. They are so good, I mean not the volcano but the veterans, that I felt that even with lesser screen time they have, whenever their scenes are up, they steal the show. And when they are together with the leading actors in a scene, they make the latter shine as well.

Arifa plays an opportunistic mother of Ahmed Shiban whose dream doesn’t go further than Thiruvananthapuram. She delivered each line with sarcasm painted all over yet with humor that’s sublime. Her performance is so magical that I give all her scenes 5 out of 5 stars.

Watch her chew up the scenery on 06 September 2017. You will not regret it.


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