The second trailer of the upcoming film, Hahdhu was released tonight via the film’s Facebook page. Below is the link to the trailer.


This trailer unveils the outstanding supporting cast of the film starting with Arifa Ibrahim who plays a no-nonsense mother of the male protagonist, Ahmed Shiban. She opens the trailer with a catchy line, “Knock! Knock!”

The trailer then shows some new aerial shots, a shot of Mariyam Shakeela, Aminath Rishfa with a girl, Mohamed Rasheed before giving a small glimpse of an aggressive looking Mariyam Haleem with a wooden mallet.

The trailer then shifts into a more melancholy mood with a distressing line from Fauziyya Hassan. The trailer then proceeds by showing a happy girl, a girl on a swing to the song, Thauba (Absolution). The trailer ends with Mariyam Azxza and the same tag line, what is your limit?

Not much of the story is revealed but gives depth and the quality of the supporting characters.  Breathtaking cinematography by Kandi Vishan. Another well made trailer by Ahmed Sajid.

Hahdhu will be premiered on 06 September 2017. That’s 26 more days to go.

The OST of Hahdhu was released at a dinner held at Salt Cafe on 06 August 2017.

BeFunky Collage

The film has 06 original songs with music, melody, lyrics, and vocals by the best artists currently working in the music industry. They have done such an admirable job with the songs. In the film, each and every song is devised as a tightly packed sequence to rev up the narrative.


In the event, the music video of one of the songs, Beehilaashey was also released.

The songs are receiving rave reviews and numerous downloads. The premiere of the film is on 06 September 2017 with a wide release on the following day.





First and foremost, my heartfelt gratitude to the proud parents of this inspiring handsome boy, Adam Aloof Ahmed for giving me the consent to post this picture. I thank Ahmed Riyax for helping me.


Adam Aloof Ahmed

I just couldn’t resist from posting this priceless picture and tell everyone about this boy who stood out as a motivation and everything positive in life. His uplifting energy was felt by everyone who was at the Swimming Track today. In fact, he made everyone’s day today.

My heart over flows with happiness to have taken his picture and witness inspiration, bravery, positivity in person. He also made history by participating in the 2nd Kids Swimming Festival 2017 events of under 6 boys 25m and 50m Flutter Kick. It’s a first in any swimming event in the Maldives.

This evening, he won a standing ovation from everyone from his start until he finished both events. I thank them for the unity and support that they have shown at a time when this nation needs many more of such moments.

I couldn’t continue writing this post without first saluting Aloof’s swimming coach Ahmed Zunaij and his New Lagoon Swimming Club for training him not only physically but mentally by giving him the inner strength to stand up on that platform today. And also the special attention and care they have given to him.

Superman maybe the most powerful thing that this world has seen. But sadly, he is faster than a speeding bullet or more powerful than a locomotive or able to leap tall buildings in a single bound only in comic books. But in real life, I am so blessed to have met a true hero in flesh and blood. The accomplishment by this remarkable boy reminded me of a quote by British actress, model, dancer and humanitarian, late Audrey Hepburn (1929-1993). Nothing is impossible. The word itself says ‘I’m possible’!

Finally, I thank Swimming Association of Maldives for the memorable experience they have given to Aloof and all of us. It’s unforgettable.


Along with her elder sister, years ago, Mariyam Azxza Azxona was reigning the music video scene until its rave diminished and she took a break. Out of the two sisters, which one conquered the throne as the ultimate dancing queen is difficult for me to affirm since (a) I have no technical idea about dancing and (b) all my life I have either chased the music while dancing or the music chased me. Whoever dancing with me wearing iron shoes is a different matter altogether. Anyway, all I know is that both sisters had all the right moves that made everyone glued to the small screen.

Axza Collage

Azxza’s transition to the big screen was phenomenal. Suddenly she was the most demanding and the most bankable actress starting last year. If I am not wrong, it was director Abdul Faththaah who kick started the role-after-role spree of Azxza by casting her in Hahdhu regardless of its release date on 06th of next month.

With her remarkable success of last year with the horror film, 4426 directed by Fathimath Nahula with newcomer Ahmed Shinan and the rom-com, Miee Loaibbakee from DRE which was premiered in April this year, at present Azxza has no time to look back. Meanwhile, producers continue to get her signature on those dotted lines, she has three more releases slated for this year starting with full blown comedy Naughty 40 releasing tonight, followed by Hahdhu and finally on October, Bos directed by her sister.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see any of her releases so far. But from the reviews, word of mouth, she has become the undisputable darling of Dhivehi film industry. It’s no small feat for anyone to win rave reviews from back to back releases, especially in the circle of mean critiques who are always eyeing to rip apart any film or anyone involved in them.

What astonishes me about Azxza is that both of her previous films and the one releasing tonight, are of completely different genres. And to flourish in contrasting roles mean that she is a woman for all seasons. She fits to any genre like a glove and has been making them work like a charm. I believe that such an occurrence doesn’t happen accidentally. She has the brain and brawn to handle any role she gets in addition to looking glamorous, versatile and very talented.

It’s clearly evident that her feet fit perfectly to every shoe of diverse characters she plays. So far, she has cat walked gracefully to win the hearts of audiences across the nation. And without a doubt, she will in all her future shoes.

In her upcoming film Hahdhu, she plays Yusra, a free-spirited woman who has everything going for her until a moment of miscalculation that spirals her life into total chaos. I was so mesmerized by her performance that left me wondered how in the world did she manage to scare up an audience or tickled their funny bones in her already released two films. From the sound of those roles and her character of Yusra in Hahdhu are completely on different poles. The latter is a melodramatically intense journey of a woman as she goes through all the trials and tribulations, accepting both emotionally and physically the backlash she receives from the closed society she lives in.

Azxza clearly understood the very depth of Yusra. She masterfully transforms herself plausibly if not effortlessly with every twist and turns in her character arc. She makes such a broad distinction from her introduction to the final scene of her screen time. In the end, she made a lasting impact on my heart and soul stirring my tear glands along the way. It felt like a performance of a lifetime and she made me believe every heartbeat of her character to earn a round of applause from me. The tears that I couldn’t hold back was for her endearing performance and the gratification I received from watching her perform. She made me realize, understand and experience the subtle subtexts surrounding her character as well as the film. In one single frame of hers, in one very decisive scene, she uses just her eyes to express a broad range of intense and conflicted emotions that she was going through at a difficult point in her life.  Sheer brilliance! My heartfelt thanks to Yusra, I mean Azxza for such a commanding performance. Applause!

I wish her all the best and good luck in future.


In his debut, Abdul Faththaah directed AadheysAli Azim Dhon Ayya showed that he has so much potential and promise. Over the following years, time and again he has proved that given the meaty roles, he’s ready to sink his teeth deep into them.

Ayya collage

After Aadheys, Dhon Ayya was then cast as the protagonist in Fatthaah’s segment of Hatharu Halha called Dhari/ Firi. Sadly, the anthology which consists of four unrelated short films was stalled at the post production. When that segment was written, it was made challenging for whoever was going to play that role. Though the whole segment was 25 odd minutes, the character never had to deliver a single line except few words at the very final frame just before the end credits.  Everything was left to the acting abilities of the chosen actor.

I was so glad when Fatthaah cast Dhon Ayya for the role rather than a high-profile actor or any other actor for that matter. Dhon Ayya showed passion, dedication, discipline and since he was fresh, it was easier to guide him. In his capable hands, Fatthaah always kneads a richer dough.

When Fatthaah showed me a rough cut of his segment, I was completely blown away by the powerful performance of Dhon Ayya. To this day, I still feel that no other actor could outperform him. He was living that character inside out. And what made that role more challenging was not only he doesn’t have to speak but it was a deeply psychological role that was layered manifold. Dhon Ayya gave such a nuanced performance that I had goosebumps. An occurrence that rarely happens on me especially in such a short time frame.

A year or two later, he was given a supporting role in EFVJ. Comparatively, it wasn’t a role with psychological depth like the previous one but he shone brightly and gave his character enough range with his minimal acting abilities.

This year, his acting prowess will be showcased in the upcoming Dhivehi film, Hahdhu. He played the role of Hamza with aplomb. After the screenplay was finalized, Fatthaah came up with this idea of externally transforming the character Dhon Ayya was going to play after a huge plot twist in his character arc. I rewrote the screenplay and made this change as more of a plot device putting extra pressure and responsibility on Dhon Ayya. It looked risky especially when the production was to begin within few days.

I confess that I was unsure that this change would be pulled off as easily or smoothly as Dhon Ayya did, until I saw the rough cut. It was like a walk in the park for him. He once again rose to the occasion with such finesse and made his character look so riveting. I was left speechless. He was so amazing in one key scene where Fatthaah shot in one long take. Absolutely brilliant. And yes, goosebumps too.

I am so excited that on 06 September 2017, the audience will get to witness the performance of Dhon Ayya, one of the highlights of film Hahdhu. May the star of Dhon Ayya keeps rising and shine brightly. I wish him all the best and success in his future endeavors.



We are either classified as carnivores or herbivores or a bit of both. The first classification is us eating meat and the second is us eating plants or herbs or shrubs or need I to continue? Anyway, what if someone chews up the scenery? What are they called? I don’t have a word for them but I sure do know when someone does.

The upcoming Dhivehi film Hahdhu has completed shooting all the scenes of veteran actor Arifa Ibrahim.  Yesterday, I had the opportunity to see a rough edit of all of her scenes. And believe you me, what a treat it was.

When you cast veteran actors in supporting roles and put them in the mix of three youthful leading actors, they create an impact that is like a volcano that’s bursting already. They are so good, I mean not the volcano but the veterans, that I felt that even with lesser screen time they have, whenever their scenes are up, they steal the show. And when they are together with the leading actors in a scene, they make the latter shine as well.

Arifa plays an opportunistic mother of Ahmed Shiban whose dream doesn’t go further than Thiruvananthapuram. She delivered each line with sarcasm painted all over yet with humor that’s sublime. Her performance is so magical that I give all her scenes 5 out of 5 stars.

Watch her chew up the scenery on 06 September 2017. You will not regret it.


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Happy Independence Day to all the Maldivians. Here’s a little video message uploaded by upcoming Dhivehi film Hahdhu on their Facebook page which I thought of sharing here.

#recordbreakingmovie #whatisyourlimit #06September2017


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It’s crazy that my last post was three years ago.  There have been many reasons for my absence and the best excuse I could think of is that I was busy. More on that later since at the moment, right now, I am excited to share the first official trailer for the new movie in production which I wrote. It’s called Hahdhu. Translated into English, means Limit. I will get back with the details of this movie as I start posting hopefully on a regular basis. So, without further ado, the trailer. Enjoy.

This movie is slated to release on 06 September 2017.