How do I explain my lateness? This very question pops in to my mind at this very moment. But to answer, I don’t intend to rewind the time I have already wasted not writing. Going back would be meaningless and wasting more time. But all I can say is that I was never able to resume writing despite having all the time in the world.

Yes, I was supposed to finish MIKOE BAPPA BAE BAE (COME MY BABY’S FATHER). Yes, I did plan on writing more afterwards. But, I haven’t written anything so far, not a single sentence, not a single word to form that sentence. My writing rate currently stands at minus zero percent, if ever there was any rating as such. And weirdly enough, despite being bland at writing, I’m still happy. To be honest, the smile on my face would put any Cheshire cat to shame.

Dubbing of SAZAA (PUNISHMENT) was completed a month ago. And the progress remote control of this film is in the hands of its director, HUSSAIN MUNAVVAR. However, SAZAA has booked a released date for March 29th, 2011. And its poster photo shoot was completed at the back lot of ETERNAL PICTURES. Though I was not present at the shoot, photos were taken for my poster concept as well.

I collaborated with music composer, MOHAMED IKRAM on the foley of NIUMA, which is currently showing at Olympus and already considered a blockbuster. It was released on October 25th, 2010 with a very spectacular red carpet opening. Three weeks before its release, IKRAM called me asking if I was available to work with him. Since I was on leave and since I have worked with him on critical and commercial bomb, AHAREN (ME), I jumped in without any hesitation. It was IKRAM and I’m a big fan of his work.

A month ago actor-director, ALI SEEZAN called me to translate the dialogues of his next directing gig, in to English. I asked him if he was going to subtitle. He simply answered no. Then I asked him why he wanted to translate. He simply answered that he was going to shoot this untitled movie in dual languages. I handed SEEZAN the translation with in four days. However, a day later he called me asking to simplify the English I had used. I did just that and mailed him the translation. Few days later, on my way to have tea at the Carnival with MUNAVVAR and cinematographer KANDI WISAN, I met SEEZAN. I asked him if he was satisfied with the simplified translation. He said that he still had doubts with my translation and had given it to couple of his friends for a check.

Yesterday, I had first official talks on INDHIRAAS (DECADENCE) with MUA and BAARU SHAREE over coffee at Olympus café. INDHIRAAS was tailor-made for MUA, while SHAREE has verbally agreed to direct. We discussed about the screenplay and SHAREE is completely fascinated. SHAREE and I go back together on number of occasions. On his request, I wrote LOABIVAANAMA… (IF YOU LOVE), a thirteen episodes television drama which he directed for then TVM. And it was my very first television series. Audience loved the visual style he used in it.

Then we collaborated on his directed five episodes docu-drama, NETHIDHIAYAS… (THOUGH PERISHED) which I wrote based on a true story of a drug addict. This drama was acclaimed by the audience for its grittiness, power and anti-drug theme.

Last but not least, but I want this to be the least, we collaborated on AHAREN which vanished from the theater faster than blinking eyes.

When I began structuring INDHIRAAS, the way the scenes were progressing, I couldn’t think of anyone else but SHAREE to direct it. Then, before I started writing, on my request, MUA asked SHAREE if he was interested to helm the project. When he agreed, I started writing with most of the visuals catered to his unique storytelling style. I have a feeling that he can direct this movie with his eyes closed. And since it was especially written for MUA, he too can deliver his role with his eyes closed. But I don’t want to be closing my eyes when I watch this movie on screen. Now that I have wrapped up the screenplay, I can close my eyes. But I must confess that I couldn’t have completed writing it with my eyes closed.


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