This evening, I was so looking forward to see the new scenes of SAZAA (PUNISHMENT) that Semi has edited. But when I called him, he gave me very depressing news. The computer system that SAZAA is being edited crashed. However, he managed to restore the system temporarily and at the time I called, he was making a backup of what he has edited so far. I just hope nothing goes wrong.

When Semi first started editing and before he could cut or splice a scene, the system crashed. After a week of sending the system to several tech guys, it was fixed. However, a week later since Semi started editing, tonight the system crashed again.

Despite the setback, Semi is still upbeat as he’s able to backup everything he has edited. But this could hinder his speed a little bit. He was so committed.

Finally, Ravi called the owner of the house screenwriter Ahmed Rasheed suggested to use for MIKOE BAPPA BAEY BAEY (COME MY BABY’S FATHER). Ravi said the discussion with him went well. The owner is ready to rent us the house immediately. But we cannot start production just yet since Ramadan is around the corner. So Ravi said that he will call back after Ramadan. We are scheduling to start production a week after Ramadan is over.

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