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It’s been a while I haven’t posted anything. Why? I was lost in translation. However, here’s a quick recap on what happened since my last post.

A day after my last post, FATTHAAH commissioned me to subtitle his national award winning film, VAALOABI ENGEYNAMA. This task contributed to my absence heavily. It was good to watch this film after a very long time. However, this time around I had major outbursts of anger!

FATTHAAH gave me the official DVD of the film which was sold out a year ago. To my horror, the DVD version was manipulated brutally. Moreover, I was angrier and frustrated that FATTHAAH, the producer was unaware of it. Only when I reported, he came to know. I wonder if he’s been living on this planet.

So how was the DVD manipulated? This is how? Commercials of around three or more minutes long which were supposed to be inserted in to the running time of the film, the person who authored the DVD ignorantly instead of inserting, had the commercials replaced over the scenes of the film. This I consider is a big crime. If I were the producer, I would sue whoever this person is. Now the DVD version of the film has several scenes missing including very key scenes. VAALOABI ENGEYNAMA on DVD looks disjointed and ridiculous. It’s a shame!

During my absence from this blog, pre-production on INGILI progressed swiftly. The set construction is completed. The picture below is taken from a cell phone.

The production team is preparing to leave to K. GULHI for principal photography on 16th May. That’s coming Saturday. Cast of INGILI has started rehearsals and in the meantime, one of the actors is practicing the special skills required for the character he is playing. And the actor who was initially serving as a producer has given up his duties as a producer due to, let’s say for personal reasons. Nevertheless, INGILI still has three producers attached. Our DP was interested to be the third producing partner and became one instantly.

Director RAVI has confirmed the famous rock band performing the rock song for the end credits of INGILI. He has given the band leader a brief synopsis of the film so that work on the lyrics can begin. The production team will be promoting this song for the marketing of the film. The band and the cast will be revealed later.

The three amigos, I mean the producers have confirmed the final production budget two days ago. Production manager will be handling all the finances and will be requesting the producers to release the budget.

The production team has also started work on poster designs of INGILI. We had a sitting a day ago and came up with several concepts. More on it later…

And finally SEEZAN returned from NUWARAELIYA after location scouting for VAFAATHERI KEHIVERIYAA. He has even approved the final screenplay. Phew! He’s really excited and is planning to start principal photography around end of this month.

That’s all for now, and oh one more thing. I also did subtitling of TED’s two short films titled MIRAGE and CROSSROAD. That’s all for now, folks!

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  1. budakhan

    re: Commercials on their DVDsI have always had a problem with Maldivian directors and producers inserting these commercials in their DVD versions. And to me the fact that Fathaah was not aware of this proves only one thing to me. They are just lazy and they have no faith in the experience they are giving their audience. I understand the trouble they go to raise money. And i have nothing but praise for the trouble they go through to get their stories made. But they have to start thinking of creative ways to raise money. Maybe product placement.


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