latest on INGILI…

This evening producers of INGILI decided first week of May to begin principal photography of INGILI. Earlier it was planned for last week of this month. However, due to director RAVI being chosen to oversee the election of DHIVEHI FILMS ASSOCIATION to be held on 4th of May, the production of INGILI was postponed for a noble cause. Presently, Dhivehi film industry is really in need of an association.

The meeting this evening was very productive. RAVI, MUA and I not only worked on the rough budget of INGILI, but also post production details including the marketing plan. Production DP and our actor who is supervising the set construction in K. GULHI also participated.

Since I am not allowed to reveal the discussion we had this evening, its better that I end this post immediately. Otherwise, I might end up revealing everything. All I can say for now is that the status of INGILI is going GOOD.

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