Budgeting INGILI…

The production team of INGILI has received the long-awaited quotation for building the set in K. GULHI, even though it has been only five days since we requested for one. We are excited and so is the crew at K. GULHI.

We have started budgeting INGILI. Even as we speak, our production manager is going through a thorough read of the screenplay and will note down everything necessary to acquire for the production. He will work closely with director RAVI, DP and I. Our production consultant, TED will be overseeing the whole process.

The production dynamics were worked out during our trip to K. GULHI last Friday. Once the set is built, we have scheduled to visit K. GULHI again to do an inspection of the set, where we will make final adjustments. Once that is done, principal photography begins.

As for the storyboarding, RAVI is nonstop working on it. He has completed 75% of the storyboard. On a daily basis, every evening he reports his status to us over coffee. Most days he presents his visualization of certain key shots. And we all give him feedbacks. This evening, our DP gave the idea of making a soil POV shot where the protagonist puts out his cigarette on top of the camera. Sadly, it was thrown to the cutting floor. So early? It’s not even post-production yet!

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