It’s always hard to be waiting for something. The hardest is if the waiting goes on for days and days. I am finding myself in such a waiting game.

It’s been three days since I have given SEEZAN the rewritten screenplay of VAFAATHERI KEHIVERIYAA and I am yet to receive his feedback. He did call me last night to inform that the production was back on track after he delayed production indefinitely. That was great news. But when asked about the feedback, he said he was busy last few days and will make an effort to read it with in two days. So, I await for another two days. Make it three, in case he gets busy either today or tomorrow.

I really want to wrap up VAFAATHERI KEHIVERIYAA for good so that I can move on to writing my next screenplay. I have two concepts in mind. First is based on newspaper articles of a slaying of a youth a month ago. And it already has a producer attached. Then there’s this loose adaptation of one of my favorite English movies. The latter has no one attached to produce but my heart is more attached in writing this one since I have loved this movie so much so that I have viewed it close to eight times.

I don’t know when the urge to write this adaptation hit me first, but lately I have been thinking about it constantly. I have even retrieved the movie out of my movie collection to view it again and see if it’s really adaptable to today’s Maldivian society. I have very current and relevant themes to add to it but will know how much these themes would fit once I have a viewing. So I guess, I needn’t to sway my mind on what to write next. It’s been decided…

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