delays and more delays…

Yesterday evening SEEZAN confirmed that he delayed the production of VAFAATHERI KEHIVERIYAA, indefinitely. Then last night, the location scouting trip the production team of INGILI set for K.GULHI on Friday had to be, not only delayed but cancelled. That means K.GULHI is no longer in our scouting list. We came to know that K.GULHI has no location whatsoever that would accommodate the visuals of director RAVI.

The set needs to be built on a location that has thick foliage all around and should give a menacing feel immediately. Sadly, K.GULHI has no location of such.

The production team started working on a backup plan immediately. Luckily we were able to hold talks with K.HIMMAFUSHI. The production team is yet to receive an answer from them. Consider this plan D.

We know we are slipping further and further away from the schedule, but we are not worried since we still have 22 more letters from the English alphabet. However, our panic button would set off if we run up to plan X.

If plan D bombs, we have plan E and F on standby. More news on these two plans, if plan D fails for real, that is.

As for the status on storyboarding, RAVI and his DP are working on it feverishly.

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