I am finding myself chasing schedules these days. Production of INGILI is behind schedule. So is rewriting VAFAATHERI KEHIVERIYAA. Latter was a deliberate slowing down though. I need to be more careful with it since a change in the dialogue or an expression of the actors could create a ripple effect on the entire screenplay. That’s why I have decided to spend as much time with each scene I am asked to rewrite. However, the new scenes which I am yet to write could be written at one stretch.

Just now, I have rewritten a scene, the second of three scenes I am asked to rewrite. Previously this scene had one camera shot from start to finish where the scene was blocked nicely. In this scene the character of SEEZAN delivered minimal dialogue and had to flex his acting muscles to the limit. He also had to change his moods several times, enough to put a chameleon  to shame. The scene also demanded the skills of the DOP. But most importantly, the scene allowed the director to shine. Sadly, all that is now lost forever. Mahdi whimpers…

I rewrote that scene the way SEEZAN wanted. His major concern was his character to weep while delivering a page of monologue and the character next to his character weeps alongside. I choose not to comment on this.

But only after rewriting, I realized what SEEZAN really wanted out of this scene. He wanted the audience to emote tears with his character as he weeps. It definitely made me cry,  to change one of my favorite scenes in this screenplay. Mahdi whimpers again…

I am sorry, I need to stop typing this post before my tears short circuit my laptop. More news as I rewrite…

2 Responses to “still rewriting VAFAATHERI KEHIVERIYAA…”

  1. Ashiya

    I wonder went this rewriting silsila will end after the twists and turns and stuff. Good if you can make the movie before the world ends. One more thing….I don\’t treally digest this title of the movie….VAFAATHERI KEHIVERIYA….doesn\’t sink in….nah!!


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