fast tracking INGILI…

Okay, here’s the bitter truth. We have hit a snag. Things are not going too well for INGILI. Pre-production is hundred times slower than a snail, we are lagging miles behind schedule and we still haven’t found the right location. This sounds not only bad but tragic for a movie that boast only one scene, one location and two actors. What did I tell you, it’s the bitter truth?

Panic button’s been hit and the siren has started blaring. Today we, the production team sans the co-producer/ actor in N. VELIDHOO who is expected to return home tomorrow have decided to speed up the pre-production. Our plan A has failed. Plan B was crashed and burnt yesterday. To bounce back, at an urgent meeting this evening, we have worked on a plan C.

The new plan includes visiting K. GULHI next weekend.  No, this island was not in our location scouting list. Yes, GULHI has better and easy connections than HURAA or MAAFUSHI. So a trip is set and we have contacted some friends there.

Since the whole movie is rain drenched from start to finish, previously we were vague on how to make rain. But in plan C, we have worked that out too, thanks to Ted who came up with an easy design for us. He is giving us tremendous support. He has even agreed to help us on cinematography once the location is confirmed.

Director RAVI is halfway through the storyboards. Once he is finished, we will sit down to work on production dynamics based on his storyboards.

Let’s hope plan C works. If not, there’s still 23 letters left in the English alphabet…

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