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It’s customary that I keep myself away from any written screenplay for a while before I begin rewriting them. Gives me a better perspective to what I had written earlier. VAFAATHERI KEHIVERIYAA was no exception. I have started rewriting it yesterday.
I have completely changed the drama dynamics of one particular scene so that SEEZAN can have fluid camera movements around his subjects. Previously the drama was created inside a parked car. He could have had his camera movements anyway, so I thought.
I have already structured four bridging scenes to the climax. And the climax itself needs to be rewritten. I have written shorthand of all that needs to be written.
In a day or two I am going to finish off this project. However, the rewritten screenplay will be submitted only after the weekend. During the weekend, I am hoping to go through the final screenplay one more time.
Will keep updated once I am done.

2 Responses to “rewriting VAFAATHERI KEHIVERIYAA begins…”

  1. Ashiya

    If this goes like this, not sure how many times you have to rewrite the script and am sure you must also have lost count of the twists at this point, hehehe

  2. Mahdi

    True, I have lost count of everything about this screenplay. The more I rewrite it, the more my brain cells get twisted leading to their untimely death. Have lost count of them too. However, writing and rewriting is part of the screenwriting game. But this particular screenplay is something else. On my client\’s command, I am like trying to mix oil and water.


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