status update for INGILI…

Hopefully today, if not surely tomorrow, one of the co-producer slash actor of INGILI will fly down to his island of birth to build the set required for the production of INGILI. We, the production team were unsuccessful at finding a right location director, RAVI has visualized. Since we were skidding behind schedule, location hunting was halted and turned to plan B. We have decided to build the required set that was designed giving careful attention to camera movements. More than anything else, RAVI wants fluidity in his storytelling.

After helming a short film for ETERNAL PICTURES last week, on Monday, RAVI will sit down with his long time cinematographer to start work on INGILI storyboards. He has confirmed 5 days to wrap storyboarding.

We have also confirmed a talent to compose the music for INGILI. All the names including cast will be revealed officially a day before the production starts.

INGILI is being fast tracked for a mid-April shooting and an early June release.

2 Responses to “status update for INGILI…”

  1. Mahdi

    It could be anyone\’s. This you have to find out by watching the movie once it\’s released.


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