the final twist to the final twist in the final twist of VAFAATHERI KEHIVERIYAA…

Today, 29th March of 2009, a day before the deadline, I have completed twisting  VAFAATHERI KEHIVERIYAA (FAITHFUL TRICKSTER) which was started writing under the title, THINESKAN LOABI (LOVE TRIANGLE). After more than a year of shelving, writing, shelving, writing and retitling, I have finally exorcised this curse off me. I may have finished writing a day early but I will be handing over the draft with spiral binding, of course, to SEEZAN on Tuesday. I just want a day, to go through the screenplay from beginning to end, see if it holds on its own or if the plot has left any unanswered questions since there’s lot of red herrings and twists and turns thrown at every possible corner. This has more twists than a pretzel, I must say. I have also given full attention to make it easier for the audience to understand the intricate plot and will once again examine that too. That’s all happening tomorrow. I hope I don’t get any impromptu ideas to add more twists.

Last Friday and Saturday I have worked from six in the morning till twelve in the afternoon. Then resumed writing from four in the evening till eight at night. I finished the screenplay today, before twelve.  I guess when I get in to the right groove, there’s no letting up. Probably, the third act was more fun than the first two acts since tables get turned unexpectedly with every passing minute. What I enjoyed writing most was the build up to the climax and the climax itself and the unexpected twists and the twist that comes after the final surprising twist. Okay, I am lost here! How are these twists arranged again?

How much tempted I am inclined to give a summary of the plot, doing that would definitely spoil the fun. It’s really hard to resist this urge to reveal the plotline, that’s why I am writing off this post for now. When this temptation subsides, I will return with SEEZAN’s feedback. I just hope he can get out of the entangled plot easily. If that happens, I believe I have achieved!

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