DHUNFINI officially retitled…

It’s now official that the screenplay I am writing for SEEZAN will be called VAFAATHERI KEHIVERIYAA (FAITHFUL TRICKSTER) and not DHUNFINI (FOG). Alas! SEEZAN made this decision in an interview given to AAFATHIS daily today. He made this move after discussing with several talents working in Dhivehi film industry including his producer. Two days ago, he mentioned that his producer also liked the official title. It seems that that title has the ability to tease the moviegoers on checking out who a TRICKSTER is, who’s also FAITHFUL. Anyone in real life and not in reel life who is? Anyhow, I guess from a commercial point of view, they have a point there.

However, I am going to wrap up this screenplay under the working title, DHUNFINI. It’s more relevant to the storyline and gives me more depth visually when I am writing.

As for a status update on the screenplay, I have started writing on the new changed structure. And I must say that it’s going good. My deadline is end of this month. Hopefully, I will give SEEZAN a draft on 31st.

Referring back to that interview, SEEZAN promised that he’s going to give the moviegoers a BIG surprise on the casting of the second leading actress in the film. I wonder who she might be. Let me guess… I have no idea. I just hope she fits her character though. .

More news on the screenplay later.

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