INGILI status update…

Location scouting has begun for experimental film, INGILI which will be produced under the banners; R2, DV PRODUCTIONS and NQP.

The production team has been contacting several islands to find the one and only location that will be shown through out the entire duration of the film.

However, the production of INGILI has set of preferences for the location where the highest priority is enough space for the camera dynamics. If need be, a set will be designed on an existing location. There will be lots of water works as the film takes place on a very stormy night. Expect some lightning too. Thunderclaps can be added at post production. Therefore, the latter is not a problem.

The production team has received snaps of some of the locations available in F. NILANDHOO and N. KENDHIKOLHUDHOO. More are expected from other islands including AA. BODUFOLHADHOO who has shown a keen interest on having the production of INGILI there.

Hopefully, before director, RAVI returns from India, he will have enough locations to choose from.

The only two actors in the film, has started prepping on their roles.

More on INGILI later.

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