Few days back I have completed a feature length screenplay titled MARUVUMUGE KURIN… (Before Dying…) for Suja, who’s famous as Boadhigu Suja. I wrote the screenplay based on a short story written by him. This marks the fastest screenplay I have written so far. It took me a week to complete. No big deed, considering the four months that took me to structure the whole screenplay. It’s always the structuring the hardest and the writing the easiest part in writing a screenplay, in case you didn’t know.

Now the burning question would be what’s the story about? I’m afraid I have no right to give away too much on the story line. But I can say this much. It concerns two strangers, with two equally dismal pasts and one common factor. I think I have said enough. And on second  thought, don’t you think its a cool tagline for the film promotion? Two strangers, two equally dismal pasts and one common factor. Find out more when this is released. And oh, one more thing! This film will have 4 original songs. Music director Thitthi is already working on them.

The film is set to be directed by veteran director, Ahmed Nimal. More on this later.

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