episode 6 of KURAMEY VADHAA’EE SALAAM was aired last night. some found it a bit slow while others liked it. one commented on the dialogue delivered by 4 year old NATHA being unrealistic for a child of that age. is my writing that bad, i wonder? hope the remaining 7 episodes turn out to be engaging. otherwise i may have to think of a career change!

One Response to “episode 6 of KURAMEY VADHAA’EE SALAAM”

  1. Aminath

    I Agree.. Not on the child\’s dialogu, but among the ones who liked the serial, i think its nice, well paced , easy to  follow and understand and very realistic. I disagree on the comment on the child\’s dialogue, coz I know a toddler who hardly can speak  but ask his mom about his dad??.. who unfortunately is no longer with them..THIS is a real example.what could be more realistic???
    My only negative comment is on the dialogue delivery of "Laila" in the drama, her acting and expressions are wonderful but when she cries and speaks it makes people laugh…
    overall..nice  and funny dialogues,..specially the ones of Khajja and Saeed..


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